Hola, me llamo Aaron Paul Rogers and welcome to Riot Mob Fine Art Photography. I love photographing unique portrait and beauty with amazing people of all shapes and sizes. I often photograph non traditional beauty I and am here to document not judge. I can’t tell you how much I love being out of my comfort zone and trying to capture that moment.

    I hate labeling and categories but it seems Google has made it a requirement. Fine Art Photography sounds douchey to me but I looked it up…”Fine art photography”: “The production of images to fulfill the creative vision of a photographer. … Synonymous with art photography”. So “Fine Art Photography” I guess works.  I gravitate towards fine art nudes, maternity and breastfeeding fine art, newborns, body acceptance, disabled and wheelchair adventures fine art photography (<<< Ridiculous that disabled is only viable search term), fitness photo shoots, boudoir, body modification, street photography, urban exploration and I really love trespassing.  Unique portrait photography and documentary photography are my favorites.

    Check out my portfolio and say hi if we are a good fit.  Home is in Los Angeles and love to travel.  I’m not a Riot or a Mob, Riot-Mob was cheap and easy to remember and it makes me laugh when my photography shows up on web searches for Riot Mobs.

-Aaron Paul Rogers. Riot Mob Photography

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